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OBJECTIVES To comprehensively assess the effect of a living will on end-of-life care. Included studies were conducted in adults with and without living wills.

Amid this silence, Arroyo's voice emerges to offer the reader a glimpse of the rural experience in an exquisite prose that often reads like poetry. In Fred Arroyo we do not only find the impulse to record an often forgotten historical reality, but also a need to paint-with words-the beauty of the rural landscape.

The following interview was conducted during Arroyo's visit to the University of Notre Dame on October 4, , when he came to present and read from his new short story collection, Western Avenue and Other Fictions. In August , I followed up with Arroyo via e-mail to inquire about his current writing projects. Fred Arroyo FA : I think that from where I'm at now, after going through certain forms of schooling, and thinking of myself as a writer, I start to find different ways to answer that question.

But when I do that, I have to be careful because I think that no matter how I'm able to explain that, the answer to that question, what I find is that it's a mystery to me.

Documenting a Puerto Rican Identity

Everything up to me becoming a writer-none of [my experience] prepared me to become a writer. So literature, reading, and education weren't very important. But I was reading a lot on my own. So although there weren't these steps that led me to become a writer, literacy was important to me. I think it was probably when I was here in South Bend that I started to read a little bit more.

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Program Links Program Reviews. More by this author Follow scourtney View profile. Report Abuse Print. Image Credit: Amazon. Buy from Amazon. I like this 0. Vote this 0. Post a comment. Add to favorites. The author has taken his time to focus on the immigrants, the challenges and difficulties they face and so on. Immigration is a problem that is faced by immigrants, especially who migrate without the legal means. The author tries to bring to the people's attention that the migrants are people too who should be treated with respect. The author has tried mention how these people are used by different parties for their own selfish gains.

Citizens of the country these migrants are in take advantage of them and give them some poor pay especially if they realize that they do not have the legal working documents required.

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  4. In America, illegal Mexican migrants work in people's homes and are underpaid compared to an American maid just because there is nothing much she can do in terms of seeking legal justice. Political parties use this topic in political meetings in order to strike hot debates and point fingers at each other concerning who are for or against the migrants- hypocrisy. The author is writing to the people of the United States of America in particular as they seem to be having the highest number of immigrants in a year.

    It is clearly seen that these people think that the immigrants are not good for the United States. The author gives an incidence of the kind of feedback he got after he wrote an article for a local major newspaper about how the government gave citizenship to a large number of immigrants during the first fifty years of the twentieth century. Postcards that were written abusive language like "stupid professor" were sent to him just to put across the message of how they felt about the topic and the immigrants in general.

    The author clearly shows that the audience he is writing to do not like these immigrants at all.

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    The heading itself, "No Human Being is Illegal", is enough evidence that he is writing to people who clearly despise and look down upon these people. Some democratic voters believe that immigrant labor pulls down the country's economy.

    When I Was Puerto Rican Essays

    The author's stand is clearly known from the word go. As we look at it again, the heading clearly shouts which side he is on. When he tells us of the article he wrote about which drew a lot of negative response from the audience, he continues to strengthen his argument on which side he is on. He clearly feels that these immigrants should be legalized and be given citizenship and permits to work.