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OBJECTIVES To comprehensively assess the effect of a living will on end-of-life care. Included studies were conducted in adults with and without living wills.

The acceptance of change for this is done through use of diction.

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The pure physical reading of the transformation of Gregor gets the back up of enforcement through the details of his state. The details which follow the commencement of the changes of Gregor show that the changes occur in different and specific times. There are specific trials in the physical state of the new body. The mass of the body finally follows in changing in spite of the width and weight. There is also the existence and emergence of a brown liquid that used to come out of the mouth of Gregor whenever he did individual hurting to himself.

The emphasis on the physical imagery is a continuous stuff throughout the text. Deliberate fiction distortion leads to evolving of an activity of solving problem in the overall narration. Questions of the present state of Gregory are raised despite him inhabiting in a logical world. This however still inspired him to work harder. This makes him not to be limited or controlled by external forces after his transformation. He regains physical strength as his feeble legs and wings stop demanding independence and familiarity which previously held him captive.

Use of metaphors strengthens the mental change for him in general. For instance, when he changes to insect form, he crawls over the floor as entertainment to represent how salesmen should travel. This can be metaphorical metamorphosis and can be interpreted as both internal and mental in the land of allegory.

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Again, it can be agreed that there is a complete and pure mental — emotional change that takes place in the transformational life of Gregor. Gregor character becomes whole when one applies situational symbolism and imperfect physical presence are applied to the controversial physical metamorphosis for Gregor. Gregor character serves as convincing symbol due to his physical credibility in his individual and archetypal state. This is clearly shown through the physical world of transformation and the realistic situations that he undergoes through during his whole metamorphosis.

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The use of mental metaphors and physical imagery in the text helps a lot when it comes to the character development of Gregor. However, there is a conflict between two perspectives. Those literal transformations that render Gregor transformation non — physical while others render the transformation totally physical as explained in the text. This transformational metamorphosis in Gregory makes visible and notable physical and non-physical changes. In the process, Kafka emphasizes the way Gregor is separated from his family, something which is involuntary from Gregor, different from the family which isolates themselves from the society by their own choice.

However, being in the work force results to him becoming lazier and losing every feeling towards the society acceptance. He has a different perspective towards things in general, from what people probably perceive him, in this, he refuses to let his uniform be washed, and choses to keep it just soiled, different from the expectation of people and the entire society. Gregor faces alienation in different forms and aspects of life, the first form being alienation from his physical body and his life as the story progresses and changes into an insect and which basically is not so much different from a human life.

He therefore does not get so much affected by the transformation, but explores the new body so that he can have a humble time working with it. He does not show any change of whatever form because of his transformation, something that is evidenced by his behavior when he wakes up shortly after the transformation and gets annoyed that he cannot go to sleep simply because he cannot turn into his right hand side, also he meditates of how he can no longer attend to work.

Basically, Gregor is a salesperson who is always on the move and travelling, therefore, over time, he is greatly dehumanized by his passion with his job hence making him less personal and more into being mechanical. Gregor develops a certain habit which probably is acquired from his travelling and ensuring that all the doors are locked especially at night, he therefore brings this back into their home and practices it, something which makes him bring forth emphasis towards the distance between him and his family.

Instead, he had hurt Gregor many times while ushering Gregor back into the room.

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Grete and her mother do, for some time, show a little support. After having Gregor around for a while however Grete asserted that they should somehow get rid of him.

At this point, Gregor realized that his family no longer loves him, and gave up on life. Although Gregor did aid his family in a critical time of need, they hardly acknowledged this fact after his transformation. They never even tried to understand him. For the past five years, he provided for his family, and when he needed them, they did not care. After his metamorphosis, they all got jobs, something Gregor thought they were incapable of. After his death, they moved out of the flat, which was too expensive for them, leaving all of their memories, starting anew without him.

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