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OBJECTIVES To comprehensively assess the effect of a living will on end-of-life care. Included studies were conducted in adults with and without living wills.

The bibliography must accurately represent all sources and reading. Sources of tables or graphs must be clearly and adequately provided. The quality of expression is also very important. The thesis must structure and organize the topic well. The thesis must be structured in an appropriate academic style, containing those sub-sections required to organize the material with suitable sub-headings to signify the progression and structure of its arguments. The table of contents page must correspondingly give a clear indication of the structure of the thesis.

The thesis must be more than a collection of manuscripts. The committee decides a whether the thesis is acceptable or not in strict accordance with examination criteria herein. The External Examiner has the option of recommending a thesis with a High Distinction designation. A thesis passes if it is acceptable in its present form or pending minor revisions. A thesis may pass if no substantive changes are required.

Changes in the form of corrections to include typographical or grammatical errors, minor modifications to the thesis, editorial revisions or the like, may be recommended with a thesis classified of pass. The Examiner should indicate clearly whether or not some changes are required before final acceptance of the thesis by the Graduate School of International Relations.

A list of the required revisions must be provided by the Examiner to the student and the supervisor and the completion of the revisions must be certified to the school by the thesis supervisor or other designated person. The thesis worthy of distinction must offer clear evidence of performance at an outstanding level on all of the criteria explained above. It must demonstrate a very considerable depth and breadth of knowledge evidenced by a critical appreciation of the literature in all its extents and show clear and outstanding ability to proceed to independent research.

Students with clearly demonstrable originality of thought, command of the field and research sophistication producing work of publishable quality in internationally refereed journals are candidates for this assessment. An External examiner can extend the designation to high distinction for a work of superlative quality, worthy of the highest academic grade and outstanding in terms of originality, research, argument and expression.

A thesis is referred if it is not acceptable in its present form, but could be acceptable pending major revisions. A thesis will be referred if it requires substantive changes such as rewriting a chapter, reinterpretation of data, corrections to calculations or additional research in order to attain acceptable standards of coherence and integrity in argument and presentation. When outlining the revisions and or additional work required, the Examiner must be as specific as possible.

These comments will be passed on to the candidate by the School as conditions to be met for the thesis to be passed. The Examiner, in consultation with the committee, may decide to reconvene the examining committee and hold another oral exam.

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The outlined revisions must be certified by the examiner Chairperson or delegate as having been completed satisfactorily. The examining committee remains in being until it has agreed that the thesis is either passed or failed.

Permissions for re-printing

A thesis will be failed if it is unacceptable to the discipline even with substantive revisions. If the committee returns two votes showing failure, the committee will advise the student be required to withdraw on academic grounds. The student will be notified of the result immediately by the chair of the committee and the decision shall be confirmed by the Dean. An appeal must be made in writing to the Dean, soon after the student is notified of the grade by the examining committee or the supervisor.

After carefully examining the soundness of an appeal, the Dean may take the following actions. If the appeal is rejected, the result of the original thesis examination stands. If the appeal is accepted, the Dean will try to settle the conflict or disagreement. If the settlement ends in failure, the Dean will submit the thesis to an external examiner whose decision shall be binding.

Submission of a thesis with a recommendation for the grade of distinction for the eternal review. When a thesis receives a recommendation for the grade of distinction, one copy of the thesis must be submitted by the student to the GSIR office within 24 hours after the examination. The copy may be dispatched to an external examiner for assessment. After completing the examination process, the candidate is obliged to submit one unbound original and one unbound copy of the final version of the thesis to the GSIR Office for final approval on degree conferment by the designated deadline date.

These will be bound. One will be preserved in the Library and one given to the supervisor.

Evaluating & Improving Thesis Statements

Candidates must bear binding expenses. Effective: September Modified in September Last Modified: January These guidelines are designed to ensure that the thesis constitutes a clear and permanent document and represents a standard of quality appropriate for a major graduate institution. Research: Adequacy of research design, consistent interpretation and competent execution must be demonstrated. Argument: The student must present a thesis and its reasoned defense.

Evaluation Criteria for Formal Essays | Department of English

Presentation: The thesis must demonstrate competence in mechanics of essay writing and expression. Please also specifically evaluate the thesis for evidence of plagiarism. Below is a list of criteria for the evaluation of a thesis with high distinction. It must be logically consistent with no major gaps or omissions. The background research, problem identification, research question and objective must be properly and clearly defined.

The author must describe the data and data collection method or process clearly and logically without serious lapses. The methodology for achieving properly identified objectives must be carefully selected with an appropriate justification. The author must review the related literature exceptionally well with critical understanding of the subject under research. The model for the request is found from library's websites.

After the Faculty Council has given the doctoral candidate permission to defend the dissertation in a public examination, the dissertation can be published. Please contact the editor of the series in this point at he latest. You can enter your dissertation in the series by filling out a publishing agreement same agreement for both printed and e-version. Please send agreement form in two pieces and possible permissions for reprinting to the editor of the faculty's dissertation series, who will apply the isbn-numbers for your book.

Please notice that that the date of public examination should be agreed before applying the isbn-numbers. Also the title of the book should be final at this point. When published in the faculty's series, the dissertation must follow the template and instructions of the series. Please reserve enough time for finalizing your thesis! The recommended time between faculty council's permission for public examination and public examination date is at least 2 months.

Editor in chief: University Teacher, D. Editor: Project Researcher, M. In the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies the candidate must handle the printing process with the printing office. The candidate can choose the printing house independently, the competetive tendering is recommended. The candidate can apply support from the faculty afterwards towards the receipts.

The maximum support from the faculty is euros. The number of copies in first edition in the faculty's series is 55 pieces, from which the library's share is 12 pcs, candidates share is 30 pcs and the faculty's share is 7 pcs. Further information about delivery and printing process in whole are found from the Faculty's instructions above. The editor should see also the last version of the layout, but it is recommended that it has been sent to the editor for check up also before sending it to the printing house.

The dissertation must be published at least 10 days before the public examination. Please check the distribution instructions from faculty's publishing instructions above and agree the delivery with the printing office. We have a tradition in the Faculty, that all candidates will give their dissertation personnally if possible to the Rector of their Campus and to the Dean of the Faculty.

Please reserve time for visit from Rector's and Dean's secretaries. The candidate can apply support for the printing and editing costs of the dissertation from the faculty. The support is granted afterwards towards the receipts.

Guide for thesis and academic writing: 11 Evaluation

The application should be made within 2 months after the public examination date. The maximum support for publications costs is euros. Research How to apply?