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OBJECTIVES To comprehensively assess the effect of a living will on end-of-life care. Included studies were conducted in adults with and without living wills.

The stage setting was neat, demonstrative, and very well organized as I first entered the entrance. I could feel electrify with many extreme bright lights hanged on the top, which made me felt more exciting. There were many types of people coming in this concert including teenager and elderly.

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This concert was conducted by Dr. Jai Sun Song. His music was strongly individual, with the modal harmonies characteristic of folk song composers. Ralph Vaughan Williams was an enormously well appreciated musician of the English composers in the He wrote works in almost every type, from operas and symphony to choral works for amateurs as well as for highly professional choirs for neglected instruments such as harmonica and tuba, a suite for pipes.

I really enjoyed the quality and variety of the melodies is deeply satisfying.

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In this piece, the rhythms swing and stride at one moment and are raptly processional at another. Following is the harmonies, to me, it is rich and can be colorful or strange and foreboding.

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The string sounds are most carefully specified to give a translucency of texture appropriate to the subject which I found often poised. The orchestra is used characteristically as well as the sonic range is absolute enormous. Together, I feel that they evolved an incredibly rich and varied emotion. Overall, in my opinion, this composition really gives me a subjective impression in my mind. It is something that I can picture the freshness of the outdoors in sunshine of my dream.

In conclusion, this was an outstanding concert that I had an enjoyable time.

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It had a remarkable expression made one understand the nature spirit in music. I think that this concert is a comprehensive resource for many people wanting to learn more about music. It expanded my knowledge to understand further emotion to the inspiration of musical world. Share this Post! All rights reserved. Kylie Garcia. Hi, would you like to get professional writing help?

It is nice to see that you have used quite a lot of analogy in your writting, which really helps me on imagining the feel of joining the "unforgetable concert".

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I particularly like the metaphor used on describing the speed of the bus, "it took me a year to get to the stadium". I know that feel! However, in my opinion, you can write more details about the stadium and the other audiences during the concert rather than how it happens, so as to make your article be more focus. For example, you can describe how the girls wave their paper fan and fan lights in detail. As it ought to be a descriptive writting, you better not write too much on the process but the environment. To conclude, although, there is space to improve, it is still a concise and infectious writing.

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Home Descriptive writing draft Reflective Writing draft. This is four years since the first concert I had ever seen. That concert was always the best time in my mind, so I did wait the chance to see the next one for a long time. And it finally comes. That morning, I woke up as the sun rises. Everybody on the street seems energetic under the warm weather. But the bus ran too slow, it took me a year to get to the stadium. It was still 1pm, seven hours before the concert starts, but many fan girls has already arrived with their smiling faces.

The leaders of fan clubs were giving out hot red cheering banners and memos, reminding us what to do during the concert. This is so called fan projects, one of the most exciting and meaningful part of the concert. It could make the concert perfect like decorating a cup of iced water with piece of fresh lemon. Around 6pm, people started to find their own seat in the cool stadium. The fan club leaders kept giving out the red banners, make sure all of the audience got one. All fans wanted the concert to be perfect.

This is not just an ordinary concert, but also a way to show our support to our idols. Suddenly, the lights dimmed. The stadium is filled with the navy blue fan lights, like waves of sea splashes out right after the lights are off. The excitement had been exploded in the stadium, it turns the cool box in to a huge oven.

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  • The air-conditioner seems useless at all. While the ten sparkling stars popped up from the stage, girls kept waving their paper fan and fan lights, the fathers and boyfriends were doing their job to take photos calmly. People around me sang orderly according to the pre-write plan, which was the fan project. They seem like a professional choir, perform coordinately with the idols.

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    The atmosphere pulled everybody stood up and their hands never stop waving. The last concert of the group in Hong Kong was held five years ago. It was the time when the group was not well-known in the world.

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    • A member of the group took a banner from the fan girl who broke into tears, promising there will be next time. Comments Eunice. David 2 Chan Chi San link. Judith Siu. Li Hui Yan, Christy. Author Write something about yourself.

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