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OBJECTIVES To comprehensively assess the effect of a living will on end-of-life care. Included studies were conducted in adults with and without living wills.

Many people are not happy with the way things go on in their life. They criticize almost everything and everyone around and develop a negative outlook. They need to understand that the fact that they have been given a life to live is in itself a big thing. The fact that they are in good health is a reason to be thankful for. The fact that they are able and can work hard and make their life better is another reason to be grateful. They must appreciate what they have and be thankful for it. Everything else can be achieved with some effort. Many people indulge in bad habits such as smoking, drinking and taking drugs.

The havoc created post consuming these can be a threat to their life as well as the life of those around them. Many people drink and run over their car on innocent people killing them or injuring them badly. They even hurt themselves during such incidents. They incur serious health problems over the time thus ruining their lives as well as the lives of their family members. They must understand that life is precious. We can lead a purposeful life and add value to it or waste it and end up in a mess. Many people realize this much later in life mostly after incurring a major problem. It is too late then and they cannot go back and relive their life properly.

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We must value this gift called life when there is still time and tread the right path to enjoy it. God has given us a chance to live and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Life is a precious gift and we must all value it. We must express gratitude and stay positive to make the most of this gift given to us. We must also value the lives of those around us. There is a mad rush all around us.

God in My Life

In schools, offices, businesses and even in households — people are running around, chasing different things and trying to achieve things as fast as they can as if they are about to miss a train. This eagerness and restlessness to get somewhere is what they pass on to their kids too and it goes on and on. Where exactly do we want to reach? And how will we feel when we reach there? We need to slow down and ask ourselves these questions. We must understand that life is a journey not a destination. This means that we need to go through it slowly and calmly enjoying every moment and making the most of it rather than rushing through it.

We often overlook the little things in life and keep chasing the bigger things believing they will give us happiness. While achieving our big dreams and goals does give us satisfaction however it is the little things in life that bring us true happiness. These are the things that bring a smile to our face later in life. For instance, parents keep telling their children to behave nicely, study dedicatedly and sleep on time. They do all this to inculcate discipline in them.

They want them to focus on their studies so that they can choose a good stream and build a rewarding career. They believe that all this will help them get a good life partner and build a happy personal life too. They have good intentions but are they really doing good to their children? In a way, no as they are stealing the precious moments of their lives that could be spent more joyfully. Children are repeatedly told that they can enjoy once they get a good job. When they get a good job, they are asked to work hard to get to a good position in the company.

Then they are told that they can enjoy their life after they reach a certain position. When they reach a good position in the company, they require working hard to maintain the position. It is also time for them to plan a family and fulfill various responsibilities. They are then told that they can live peacefully and enjoy life once they retire. No one even thinks that they will not be left with the same enthusiasm, energy and zeal to enjoy life when they enter that age. Life is happening now. We must enjoy it here and now and not wait to reach a certain position or phase of life to start living the way we want.

It is important to set goals and work hard towards achieving them. We must also set deadlines for our goals, stay focused and utilize our time wisely to achieve the desired result. What we should avoid is to rush towards them. We will come across many new things as we head towards our goals. They were given everything they could've wanted in life, but we're never given a chance to be loved and appreciated fully.

I truly believe this was the basis of their choices. They were both involved in drugs and alcohol. Inhibitions were lost and without clear thought, my mom soon realized she was pregnant with me at seventeen.

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It's a ridiculous notion to think that at my age my mom had to give birth to a. Have you ever had a dream deferred and your life stays the same. Sigmund Freud was one of the first psychological theorists to take dreams serious and he came up with the psycho analytic theorie of dreaming. After analyzing many of his patients dreams he concluded that the purpose of dreaming was to express unconscious wishes thoughts and conflicts.

Freud also felt that if the dream caused anxiety for the dreamer the dreamer may have to distort or discuize the images of the dream the dream sould wake the dreamer. Freud even. Journal 1. What is my culture In a multi racial society , there is often an intermingling among the various races, hence a mixture of their unique cultures. It is important in such a society for people to unite. This is not in direct clash with the view that racial identity must be preserved. My dad is from Taiwan and my Mom is from Vietnam which means I hold two passports from two different countries.

Oftentimes, we have come across such amazing stories, as in life tales, of people whom we consider role models or people that have a huge impact on our society. In my life I have been through a lot. I believe theology is the study of concepts and perspectives of God and religion. Theology looks at God and religion from different point of views and different opinions and explains the unsolvable arguments of religion.

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What is the purpose of studying theology? I think the purpose of studying theology is to have people think about their view of God and have them think about it. Life is a word so commonly used that we as people tend to overlook how descriptive and detailed life truly is. So many things have happened in my life that has made me who I am today and I can honestly say that I am so grateful for the environment I was raised in, because without it I would not be the person I am today.

To begin with, my life would have never begun if the doctor. My house had two stories and the second floor fell on top of the first floor. I will never forget that day; my life was in ruins. I slept on the street for over a week without food or water.

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  5. Five weeks after the earthquake, we moved to a different city where all of my family was. It was a miracle we found them still alive. I started living with them. In I gave birth to my wonderful daughter Nina Miller.

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    At the age of 17 I went from an all-conference all state champion to a teen mom. I thought my future had no hope. The type of catering business I would like to own one day is specializing in seafood and delectable desserts. I just have some many ideas going through my mind about different foods I would love to create. With a positive mindset and the willingness to try I believe I got a pretty good chance of achieving my goals.

    My career goals are to attain a career where I can express my love and passion for life. When I graduate high school I want. Things that i thought were so bad that i did not want to remember. Now i look back, and I say to myself what the hell was i so afraid of. Why did i feel the need to do so? I never stopped to think well maybe its really not that bad.

    I thought that my life was hell that i could do better. That i did not want to stay i just wanted to pack up and leave. Now i know that it was not bad, i had a roof over my head. When I was born my mother. I was given an assignment by my teacher which involved writing a newspaper. Until I began the assignment I had no idea just how powerful and magical writing could be. I quickly started to realize the exciting opportunity in front of me. I could create a fantasy world, my own world, a place where everything is as it should be.

    He believes in what he knows and is always willing to learn even more ideology 5 Danforth feels the law should be followed exactly, and that anyone who opposes the trials is trying to undermine him and his authority and the church. I have seen a conversation go from an argument to hugs and have seen people turn from incredible sadness to joy in a matter of days. The Reverend Jodi Baron — Last year, when my father was diagnosed with subcutaneous t-cell lymphoma, I was left with multiple directions as to how to direct my prayer in the weeks and months to follow.

    I found my days occupied with research queries through my beloved google on all things lymphoma. It was, in a way, how I would come to re-center myself, orient my attempts at prayer, and prepare myself for the counsel I may need to provide for my aging parents. What took me off-guard, however, was my sudden numbness to the presence of God in my life.

    There was nothing. Up to this point, you see, no matter what I faced, I could always count on feeling the loving embrace of God.

    The Spiritual Discipline Of Generosity

    It was the natural byproduct of practicing a life of intentional actions, daily reflection on the movements of God, and attentive to the movements of the Holy Spirit in my life. I must have heard those words somewhere along the line, but they had no resonance with the current theology I was experiencing; of how the world works and the role God Almighty plays in it when it comes to the scary monster of cancer. To show up in our everyday lives? He had to undergo twenty or so treatments of radiation and then was done. And I am forever changed. It felt like crap to be in it.

    But those practices that I have cultivated over the years, they carried me while my spiritual senses were dulled. I have a deeper faith than I would have had before I faced this time of mortality with someone I love. I also believe those reasons are often elusive and hard to find. It has been for me 14 years of wondering why and seeking answers while dealing with the often-elusive memories and facts of my life living with often impaired mental as well as physical function. You see, I have difficulty holding a grudge. That requires memories I can no longer hold. I am, suppose, often the fool.

    This disease keeps me much more dependent on my husband than I would prefer to be. Small things are often big things hidden in the everyday qualities of life that we take too often for granted. A ride given, a meal prepared, a dirty floor swept or counter wiped. A hug, a smile, or the gift of acknowledgement. The little things, the small stuff. Taking the time to say you are grateful. That is what I believe. Kathleen Longcore — Today I believe in the healing power of forgiveness But it took me decades to get there.

    It all started when I was 10, with my friend and fellow Girl Scout, Cynthia. My family and I were the have-nots in an affluent suburb. But even though we lived this way for five years, we knew it was temporary, until my mother could go back to work. Cynthia and I were Brownies together and then Girl Scouts. At the end of every meeting we all stood in a circle, held hands, and silently passed a squeeze around the circle. For me, it was a moment almost holy, like being in church. After several years, I felt close enough to Cynthia to invite her to my house after school.

    The next day, I was bombarded by taunts on the way to school and on the playground. Cynthia had told a couple of mean girls… every school has them… about how we lived. And they embellished on that, screaming that we slept on rusty bed springs and ate out of bean cans. It cut me to the quick. I felt humiliated, embarrassed, and oh so full of righteous anger. So Wrong! And I would never speak to Cynthia again, and certainly never forgive her. Now fast forward more than three decades.

    My husband had a form of cancer that kept recurring until it killed him, and I read everything I could find that dealt with the link between stress and healing. He was a specialist in reconciliation and traveled the world dealing with very difficult life and death cases. One was a woman in Africa who had been forced to watch her husband get beaten to death after he had been falsely accused by a neighbor of being against the regime in power.

    The woman became nearly mad with sorrow and anger and had no home, no family, and no life. He begged her forgiveness, and when she returned to her village she found some measure of peace. I was amazed at her strength. I filled a legal pad page! And at the top of the list was Cynthia! I thought, if that woman in Africa could forgive her neighbor, who was I to hold on to this childish wrong for all of these years?

    The book suggested going through my list and letting each wrong go, forgiving silently those who could no longer be contacted. I did that, imagining each unforgiven act to be a bright colored balloon that I let go of and watched as it lifted toward heaven. One balloon would not fly.

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    It was my absent father, who had left my mother with four girls to raise alone. The book suggested that for these difficult cases, a series of letters might work. I was to write the letters until I could let go and forgive my dad, who had been dead for years. The first letter was to be purely factual, outlining my history with my dad. The next letter, or letters, were to be about the hurt and the anger I had been holding onto.

    I filled pages and pages with the venom I had bottled up. In the book, some people rid themselves of their anger at this point by chopping the letters with a hatchet, or nailing it to a tree with multiple nails, or burning it with trash. Just writing it down was enough for me. The final letter, according to Matthew Linn, was to be a thank you letter, thanking my dad for the gifts he gave me. Are you kidding me, I thought?!

    But, amazingly, I found there were gifts from this relationship, and that I felt some compassion for this man.

    How Shrek Became a Meme God - Video Essay

    Back then, when I let go of all the hurts and slights from the past, I felt lighter. I felt at peace. I felt healed. And I vowed that I would no longer save up my unforgivens like so much righteous treasure. If Jesus could forgive those who taunted him, reviled him, and crucified him, who did I think I was to withhold my forgiveness? People make mistakes. So do I. Usually the things I tend to take personally have absolutely nothing to do with me, I have learned.

    As Christians, when someone wrongs us, we are asked to be compassionate, and to forgive. I will admit it has not been easy. Using meditative visualization, I imagine Jesus and I in a beautiful, quiet place. He listens as I tell Him what has hurt me and then wait to see what He will say. Natural disasters understandably have lasting effects on people. Frankly, the sheer magnitude and force made everyone in its path feel quite helpless. It was in Grand Forks where I truly saw the best in humanity. Upon graduating from high school in Battle Creek, I had my eyes set on the sky.

    I wanted to be a commercial airline pilot. I wanted the best, most respected flight training program available and that pushed me to the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. Up until the summer before my classes started, I had never been to Grand Forks or either of the Dakotas for that matter. I had seen the movie Fargo so I had a pretty good idea that the people talked funny and that the landscape was flat and treeless. When my parents pointed the car back to Battle Creek and left me at Smith Hall, the reality of my situation suddenly hit. In my mind, I was on my own. My situation quickly changed however, as I made new friends.

    As I began to familiarize myself with the community, I found the people of the area to be among the most welcoming and hospitable I had ever come across. Eventually, Grand Forks started to feel like home. The winter of my freshman year was one for the record books. Blizzard after blizzard, eight in all bringing record snow yet the people of Grand Forks took it in stride. As news of the impending flood began to materialize, I initially shrugged it off. The community had dealt with flooding before and had erected huge walls to protect us from the Red River of the North.

    River crest predictions varied and we never really had a sense that this flood would be all that worse than floods of the past.

    In April as the temperatures rose, so did the river levels. The community was visibly in emergency mode. Students would arrive to class only to find that there was no professor and one assignment written on the board. The Red Cross and home owners handed out water and sandwiches while the smart homeowners who wanted to insure help form college students provided kegs of beer. I had never seen anything like it. I had never seen so much good in people or felt so good to be part of an effort.

    And although the Army Corps of Engineers kept revising the crest forecast upward, we never gave up hope or gave up the fight. Unfortunately, after weeks of hard work, On Friday, April 18, , the Red River poured over the dikes and by the end of Saturday, floodwaters had spread over large areas of the community. Again I witnessed the best in people as surrounding communities opened up their homes to complete strangers. The Grand Forks Flood was one of the most impactful events of my 38 years. I still get a little choked up reflecting on it. Others who have been in similar situation have told me similar stories of people helping one another.

    I guess that is why I believe the most challenging situations really do bring out the best in humanity. The closest thing I came to metal at my birth was a pair of rigid delivery forceps around my head, easing me out of my unwed mother. Howard and Dorothy Rose Perrin, were waiting for that next call, the call that could bring me to join an older sister, in a new family, a new life. It was the frigid winter of After the call, Howard bought round trip tickets on the train, but the warmth of the coach and the clack, clack, clack of the metal rails did little to sooth me.

    My sister and maternal grandmother stood on the sidewalk and waved as the train crossed Silver Avenue, S. We always went to church. As a young man, my father had served as an acolyte. He was proud to have carried first cross and willingly complied with the rules: clean, short hair, starched white gloves.