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OBJECTIVES To comprehensively assess the effect of a living will on end-of-life care. Included studies were conducted in adults with and without living wills.

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With these views of mine, I know that it will go a long way in making early marriage an act that will be abolished totally in our society. You must be logged in to post a comment Login. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Like the reason behind the marking of other international days, the United Nations, UN, has embraced the international day of the girl child as a powerful advocacy tool. Issues like child marriage, education inequality, gender-based violence, reproductive health, climate change, self-esteem, and the very trending sexual harassment in schools and at homes, are being tackled by concerned individuals, non governmental organizations and governments. Girls are proving they are are indeed unscripted and unstoppable.

With the platform created by this yearly emphasis on issues affecting the girl-child, countries and states for which Nigeria is inclusive now boast of more girls attending and completing schools. Fewer are getting married or becoming mothers while still children, and more are gaining the skills they need to excel in the future world of work. He said.

The girls would be trained in acting, directing, cinematography, general film making, script writing and film production. The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Women affairs, Mrs Atosemi Eson Teetito, said the act of film making training program which is designed to last for three months upon commencement, is an entirely new area of employment the ministry decided to lunch into for Rivers girls in order to showcase their untapped potentials and great skills to the world.

Announcing that girls are breaking the barriers and boundaries posed by stereotypes and succeeding in their chosen carriers, Teetito presents the girl child as one naturally endowed with great potentials to succeed in her chosen carrier despite many challenges, if properly mentored. Teetito further explained that her ministry used the opportunity, to raise its voice in support of the call to create more opportunities for girls in every sector, especially increase in access to girls education like their male counterparts.

She was of the view that such moves would totally eradicate all forms of gender based violence against women and girls as well as put an end to forced marriages of the girl child. Prince Ogbondah, has called on the youth; the girls in particular, to take advantage of the fast growing entertainment industry to cash into the business side of the industry especially the motion picture sector popularly known as Nollywood.

In her goodwill message, the vice chaiman of khana Local Government Area, Dr. Leton Ekoro, described such opportunities as rear , as she called on the girls to cash in and shot themselves to stardom. Camelita Agborubere, appealed to girls to see greatness in the opportunity available to them and utilize same.

Although trained as a psychologist at the University of Warsaw, Olga, upon graduation took a hospital job as a specialist in addiction, married a fellow psychologist and gave birth to a son. But after five years, she decided she was too fragile to continue at the hospital. Though the books, and the prizes, kept rolling in, in her mid 30s, Tokarczuk hit a crisis and decided she needed to take some time out to travel. She became particularly noted for the mythical tone of her writing as she has published several novels, as well as other books with shorter prose works.

Today, OlgaTokarczuk has been described as one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful authors of her generation. With her declaration as the winner of the Nobel prize coupled with the winner of the Man Booker International Prize for her novel; Flights, she becomes the first Polish writer to do so. Not as though Olga had not featured any work translated in English language, Flights highlighted her as probably one of the greatest living writers any scholar would love to meet.

She is currently best known in Poland for a page historical epic called The Books of Jacob published in The Books of Jacob tells the story of Jakub Frank, a Jewish-born religious leader who led the forcible conversion of fellow Jews to Catholicism in the 18th century.

A reason for which her publisher had to hire bodyguards for a while to protect her. Call her an intelligent, brilliant or controversial artiste, Olga Tokarczuk has not only made her mark in the literary world, she has boosted the ego of women as a worthy ambassador of the folk.

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She said part of the ideas behind her action was to help women close the gap between them and their male counterparts in the areas of skill acquisition and entrepreneurship. Her action she said, was further informed by the high statistics of African women whom she said were far behind their male counterparts. Part of her success story, she revealed, was the aid given to some women whose businesses had risen to an enviable height.

Concerning the contribution of the Rivers State Government, she hinted that the government under Governor Nyesom Wike, has been supportive. She narrated how the government had helped in the training of over women who can now boast of their own personal business. Also speaking, one of the trainees, Mrs Charity Chukwu, who admitted the positive impact of the programme since July this year, said it has so far exposed her to the entrepreneurship world.

Chukwu, explained how her experience acquired from the programme brought about a wide scope of her understanding of business and its management. One of such skills gained, according to her, was how to prepare and export cassava flour, which she said was rewarding. Another trainee, Amarachi Eboyi, also eulogised the NGO over what she described as an eye-opener to the business environment.

The Tide gathered that the organization had trained several women in 34 African countries,which Rivers State would have about of such trainees by this weekend. Connect with us. Related Topics:. Continue Reading. You may like.