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OBJECTIVES To comprehensively assess the effect of a living will on end-of-life care. Included studies were conducted in adults with and without living wills.

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GCSE Art Textiles Student Guidebook

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What is the course like? What are the pro's and con's of doing GCSE textiles? Have you enjoyed the two years doing GCSE textiles? Not what you're looking for? Report 11 years ago 2. Oooh i did GCSE textiles takes me back a bit. It was very heavily coursework oreinted, and i think involved a majr project. That ai i only got a D so i'm the wromg person to ask that said my final project as fine No idea if that helps Silvertongue Badges: 2.

Report 11 years ago 3. Original post by im so academic What is the course like? Badges: 1.

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Report 11 years ago 4. Report 11 years ago 5. Oh yeah, i forgot to add, the coursework part was very fun, but i think we were just lucky, our theme was "Special Ocassions" so we all made prom dresses! Report 11 years ago 6. Bah ours had to be something to do with children. So with the help of a hand sewing machine and my na's guidence i somehow managed to make a duvet cover for a baby LearningMath Badges: Report 11 years ago 7. Report 11 years ago 8. It's definitely very coursework heavy - it's a lot of work if you want the top grades.

But it's fun coursework - we were allowed to make whatever we wanted AQA , so most people did slightly entertaining stuff. You have to generally have a rough idea of how a sewing machine works - the more techniques you put into the coursework the more chance you have of getting a better mark. The folderwork is not so fun, but it's not difficult either, just time-consuming. As someone else said, if you don't mind giving up free time to do it you'd probably do well.

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The actual exam is okay - there's a lot to learn and the revision is boring and rather pointless, but provided you learn everything it's relatively easy to do well. Although I haven't got my result yet, so saying that Pros - fun lessons, rewarding, sense of accomplishment, fun gcse in general. Cons - a lot of work, boring theory. If it helps, I really enjoyed it, even though the two weeks before the deadline was flipping stressful and I spent my whole half term cutting and sticking.

Report 11 years ago 9. Original post by LearningMath A bit of a doss i'd imagine. Report 11 years ago Original post by LearningMath Probably cause they were bored out of their heads, just like me and media studies.

my grade 8 ( a* ) gcse art coursework

Report Thread starter 11 years ago Original post by lozz It's definitely very coursework heavy - it's a lot of work if you want the top grades. Original post by lozz Or it was just too hard and too much work for them to cope with. Original post by im so academic Thanks for your reply and others! Just finished my textiles GCSE this year. I ended up getting full marks in coursework You have to put alot of effort and time into coursework though.

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  5. At my school we could pick our own theme which is good becuase i dont think alot of schools do that. I'd suggest making something original rather than something that everyone makes like a prom dress or something like that. Also on your final production have lots of decoration and different techniques or components, thats what gets you marks Personally I think textiles is a hell of alot easrier than art, but thats just my opinion.

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    Pros - Not particualarly difficult, you can do really well if you have common sense and learn to use a sewing machine. Fun lesson, and in my case there was quite alot of freedom. Cons - Time consuming but if you like textiles you wont be bothered about that, i wasnt. I enjoyed the coursework very much so, however it meant spending some lunchtimes in the Tech block towards the completion of my coursework. The coursework could be chosen by me as long as it was approved by my teacher, I made a large lion stuffed toy as I wanted to do something fun. The exam was fairly easy which surprised me as I found the theory learnt in lesson to be extensive and difficult to remember.

    Textiles is easier to achieve a high grade in. Quick Reply.

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    This is the extended version of the GCSE booklet. Example pages that I create to show students. Great resource to use over and over again. I used these for students to assess them against the exam board assessment GCSE Textiles examples and guidance for coursework Helpful examples , guidance and images to support the completion of coursework. See more about Sketchbook ideas, Sketchbooks and Textiles sketchbook. We hope you find the information on this page useful. If you have any further questions or.