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OBJECTIVES To comprehensively assess the effect of a living will on end-of-life care. Included studies were conducted in adults with and without living wills.

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Oxford Publishers, Coyne, Kate and Nick A. MLA Citation Rules. An e-book is considered to be a different version of a book, so the e-book identity is entered into the version section of the regular book reference template. Title of container, Contributors, edition, e-book, Number, Publisher, Year of publication. The basic format for citing journal, newspaper and magazine articles is the same:. There are variations between journal, magazine and newspaper article references within the date and title of container sections.

Mendeley Journal , vol. The Mendeley , weekend edition, vol. The only change when referencing an online article is the addition of the database title and a URL or DOI corresponding to the article. Website Title , contributors, reproduction, number, date, URL. Millais, Sir John Everett. Director name, director. Contributors, Distributor , year of release.

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However, the title and director name can be swapped if the focus of your work is not on the director:. The medium is not needed for MLA8 citation but it is useful for the reader. If the film is from online, the medium should be swapped for a URL. Hitchcock, Alfred, director. The format is similar to that of a movie reference but includes the episode and season number:.

Program Title , created by Creator Name, contributors, season , episode. Network, Year of Publication. Author name s. Lemonade , Parkwood Entertainment, Last name of author, first name.

Title of overall webpage, date, URL. How and When to Reference. For a summary of all the references for each source type along with examples take a look at our Ultimate Citation Cheat Sheet. It also contains examples for APA and Harvard formats. Contents 1. Place a period at the end of the title. Include publication or "release" information for the film.

Provide the year the film originally came out in theaters, followed by a semi-colon. Identify the city where the studio is headquartered, then a colon, then the studio that produced the film. If you watched the film in any way other than in the theater, provide the year that medium was released. Place a period after the date. If you watched the movie in the theater, place the period after the studio's name.

End your citation with the type of medium you used to watch the film. Alter the format for in-text footnotes. For a Chicago style footnote, list the director's name in first name-last name order. Use commas instead of periods, and place the "publication information" in parentheses. The only period in a footnote is the one at the very end.

Tom De Backer. In the reference, where the producer's name would go, list all the producers' names alphabetically by last name, separated by a comma. However, not all producers need to be listed. There can be quite a few of them, after all. Another way to do this is to write one name or no more than three , followed by "et al. Yes No.

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Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. In the place where the director's name would go, list all directors' names in alphabetical order by last name, separated by a comma. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Related wikiHows. Article Summary X To cite a movie in MLA format, start with the name of the film in italics and place a period at the end of the movie. Did this summary help you? Article Info This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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Updated: August 22, When quoting, you must include the character names, in all capitals, and pay attention to indentation. The in-text citation for a play includes the author name, act, scene and line s. In papers focusing on one particular playwright for example, the works of Shakespeare , use the italicized play name rather than the author name in each citation.

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When citing multiple line numbers in your citation, any figure below should appear in its standard and complete numerical form e. When indicating more than one line above , include the first number only once e. To avoid repeating play names throughout your dissertation, the MLA style guide recommends writing the full name in the first citation, then using abbreviations for subsequent mentions. If your research is focused on Shakespeare, there are universally accepted play name abbreviations you can use.

Do not devise your own, as your supervisor will be expecting these standard abbreviations. If there is another character included in the quote you wish to use, start a new line for their dialogue using the original indentation. And thane of Cawdor too: went it not so? Shakespeare 1.

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The Works Cited section is where you list the full references for sources cited in the text. Generally, references for plays include:. The guidelines for citing plays differ depending on whether the play is a whole book , a work in a collection , or a live performance.